Small business motivation start with health

Keeping your small business motivation

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I talk to small business owners every day. They all need motivation! The products and services suffer and a vicious spiral begins. Discouragement latches onto the owner’s psyche. Business leads cool down significantly. Revenue streams become a trickle. Customers complain and disappear. These are all bad things for your business. As a business owner, you have to hustle everyday. Putting forth this kind of effort can be exhausting; here are few energizing tips. Take a deep breath and step back …

Business website online

Five reasons to have a small business website

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Every small business should have their own website. It’s important! I have a conversation about websites and small businesses almost daily. Each time I talk with owners and operators they usually have a little push back for why they don’t have a site. These website excuses are easily answered with a few reasons to get your business online. There is a conversation taking place online. More and more conversations are happening online each day. . If you are getting bad …

Your small business blog

Three sources for your small business blog

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I’ve mentioned in the past the importance of a small business blog as one part of a web properties triple threat. In fact, 57% of businesses have acquired a customer through their company blog. Blogging is also a good idea because it helps your search engine ranking. I firmly believe that WordPress is a smart move for small businesses wanting a website and a blog. You may have taken the step to start a blog. You might have even written …

Invoicing for freelancers

The invoicing system I recommend for freelancers

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I have really tried to step up my game when it comes to my invoices and professionalism in my freelancing business. January 1 I switched to an invoice and time tracking application for freelancers, named Ballpark. After three months of nearly daily use, I have three benefits for using Ballpark to track my time for clients and handle my monthly invoices. If you are looking to start using a regular invoicing system, I can recommend the Ballpark app. Here’ why: …

Support the #IndiaFilmProject

Consider backing the India Film Project

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I have been friends with Daniel and his solid church marketing design team for a few years. I appreciate their dedication to excellence and the generosity they have shown to me. They have endeavored to create a film for showing the needy mission field of India. The ultimate goal is to raise further support for a larger and more concerted effort for missions in the country. Please consider becoming a backer for the India Film Project. Here is the Kickstarter …

Questions about building a website

Four top secret features for small business websites

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The only thing website visitors care about is the content they can see on your website. But the success of your small business website is directly related to these top secret features your site visitors may never notice. A hosting company is where your website will spend most of it’s time. A good and reputable host can make all the difference in the ease of maintenance for your site. and I couldn’t be happier with their service. My favorite feature …

Five conent essentials for small business

Five website content essentials for your small business

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You have a business! Your business should have a website. These five website content essentials will build credibility and increases leads for your small business. Maybe you know you need a website for your business, but . That is understandable. Putting a website together can seem like busy work. A simple five page website might include home, about, services/products, frequently asked questions, and a contact page. That is a workable plan from a copy content perspective, but you need a …