tri fold brochure design

Three characteristics of an effective tri fold brochure design

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A tri fold brochure design is a great way to promote your business. Every business needs a good logo design and an effective website, but a nice tri fold brochure is great for distributing locally. When meeting people face to face it’s great to have something to put in their hand. I’ve also used a tri fold brochure design to go on sales calls soliciting my website design business. These printed pieces are a great take away at promotional events …

Notepad and pencil for sketching

Sketching for print designers

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It might seem like a waste of time to draw what you are just going to piece together on the computer later. I personally have three reasons for sketching layouts for my print design work. Three reasons for sketching my print design layouts: For a trifold brochure, I print a trifold brochure sketch guide that I created for myself. I then run a quick sketch over that getting my ideas down on paper as quickly as possible. I loosely use …

moveable typography

Critical Aspects of Graphic Design – Typography

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Typography is the one thing that sets graphic design apart from other types of design including fashion and architecture. The systematic and skilled placement of type in a graphic design project regardless of the medium will ultimately set it apart from amateur design. There was a time in our not so far gone history where skilled craftsmen spent hours on the look and placement of individual letters and their resulting spacing. Only a few specialist still work with these tools …


Critical Aspects of Graphic Design – Research

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Let’s face it, we all live in a world that was designed by someone. We can’t escape it and yet we all have opinions about what we might find in our world. Take for instance can openers. Most of us have used one, and more than that we have probably used one that frustrated us because it was difficult to operate. Maybe it was the way the handle was put together or the fact that a guard of some kind …

Vintage text effect in Adobe Illustrator

Old-fashioned text using Adobe Illustrator

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I recently created a tri-fold brochure for a coffee shop that features an old-fashioned type treatment. You can view this brochure and even purchase the Coffee Trifold Brochure from The logo type looks nice and stylized, but it is relatively easy to create using Adobe Illustrator. 1. Download all of the necessary assets. You will need to download a free font from called Bebas Neue Font. Do that and install it on your computer before you launch Adobe …

Premium wood textures

Premium Wood Textures

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A few years ago I came in contact with an excellent graphic designer. He introduced me to textures as they relate to graphic design, and I have been hooked ever since. I almost always use textures in each and everyone of my designs to some extent. They give my art a more natural feel. They are also great for adding detail and realism to illustrations and icons. They help to keep your art from looking flat and lifeless. I recently …

Creating an elegant frame using Illustrator

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I recently posted a file for sale on the Envato Marketplaces. The download contains 25 frames/enclosures for use in print and website design projects. Three file types, an Adobe Illustrator file(.ai), an Adobe Photoshop shapes file(.csh), and a layered Photoshop(.psd), are all included in the download. I would like to show you how I created one of these frames using Adobe Illustrator. I am also including a free download that will hopefully help you with your own frame building.

Design Basics Index by Jim Krause

Graphic Design principles in a book.

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One of my favorite books I use for reviewing and staying principled in this area of graphic design is the Design Basics Index by Jim Krause. I guess you could call it my Graphic Design hand book of sorts. Or you could even call it my Graphic Design Bible. Well, you get the idea. I would recommend this book to anyone who needs a spark for their creativity, review proper design principles, or swat huge bugs off their desk. The …

My favorite texture website.

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I will from time to time put some of my most often visited websites. I like to use texture in many of my projects regardless of medium. This can be extrememly expensive when it comes to purchasing images from a stock photography website. Which I am not opposed to, but I am not rolling in money either. So for textures, I use a website called I like for the first reason of the price(free), but I also like …

The concept in a graphic design definition

Graphic design by definition – Concept

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I have briefly touched on the three parts of what makes strong graphic design possible. They are composition, components, and concept. In two previous articles I discussed composition and components in further detail, but another important element to successful design is the concept. It is the connotation or message with which a piece is presented. Without a proper perspective on the targeted audience or intended message your concept could be wrong. Don’t get me wrong. Your ideas might be great, …