Small business motivation start with health

Keeping your small business motivation

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I talk to small business owners every day. They all need motivation! The products and services suffer and a vicious spiral begins. Discouragement latches onto the owner’s psyche. Business leads cool down significantly. Revenue streams become a trickle. Customers complain and disappear. These are all bad things for your business. As a business owner, you have to hustle everyday. Putting forth this kind of effort can be exhausting; here are few energizing tips. Take a deep breath and step back …

Invoicing for freelancers

The invoicing system I recommend for freelancers

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I have really tried to step up my game when it comes to my invoices and professionalism in my freelancing business. January 1 I switched to an invoice and time tracking application for freelancers, named Ballpark. After three months of nearly daily use, I have three benefits for using Ballpark to track my time for clients and handle my monthly invoices. If you are looking to start using a regular invoicing system, I can recommend the Ballpark app. Here’ why: …

A premium WordPress theme

The Ultimate WordPress Theme

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I use WordPress almost exclusively for my website design projects. I have found a WordPress theme framework that I really like to use. I have been utilizing these WordPress themes for about a year now with pleasing results and time savings. Mysite Myway WordPress themes are the best value that I have discovered. Advantages to using Mysite Myway WordPress Themes Advanced administration panel Website changes via the admin panel on these themes is well organized and concise. It also allows …

Use WordPress for your small business website

WordPress is a smart move for small business

Robert Lane Business Tips, Resources, Website Design Leave a Comment is offering small businesses WordPress hosting and a tantalizing list of other features for a nominal yearly fee. , if you are willing to put in some screen time. I have been under the persuasion that WordPress is a good idea for small business for a few years now. With this offering directly from the WordPress team themselves, it further solidifies my opinion about WordPress and the benefits for your business. Here are my reasons for setting up your …

Twitter tips for business

Twitter tips for small business

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A few weeks ago I put together a post about necessities for small business and their online presence. This is a follow-up post about my emphasis on using Twitter for your small business. Twitter is great for networking as a small business owner. I recommend you use twitter as the owner of your business. I prefer the personal touch; your customers will also. If you have a larger organization, maybe you can consider having a corporate Twitter account. You’ve decided …

Website design

Download a post with everything in it

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When I put a website together, I often need HTML code that has all the “bells and whistles” as a basis for styling in CSS. I need this often enough that I decided one Sunday afternoon to put this together. If you can use this code, I would love for you to have it. It really is nothing special; in fact, it is very underwhelming. I’m thinking it might save you about 10 minutes. But if you design a million …

Free baptism slide photoshop download

Baptism slide free Photoshop download

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I recently worked with a church on a special weekend; they are planning to have a Baptismal service. It is common for smaller churches, without baptistry facilities, to set aside a special Sunday. Also, some congregations have baptismal services periodically as opposed to every week. The church that I currently attend baptizes new believers as they become ready to take that step. I designed this screen for promoting the big day along with some bulletins to mark the occasion. I …

Sayge resources for church communication

Sayge Resources for church communications

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To you who are passionate about church communications, I am excited to tell you about Sayge Resources. I recently connected with Tim Peters, the developer of Sayge Resources, and have been pleased with his insight on church communication. Sayge Resources is a systematic communications learning approach that is intentionally designed for leaders within the local church. Think of it as your communication team delivered straight to your inbox. If you’re like most church communications people I know, you are neck …