Free texture downloads from Flickr

Free texture downloads from Flickr

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Using textures has definitely become a way of life for me. I create many of my textures myself and have for some time now been posting high resolution textures to my Flickr account. Some have been available for awhile, but I am looking to keep them updated more often. I also have textures for sale on the Envato Marketplaces. You can take a look at those and purchase high resolution textures for download from my Graphic River portfolio. If free …

Premium wood textures

Premium Wood Textures

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A few years ago I came in contact with an excellent graphic designer. He introduced me to textures as they relate to graphic design, and I have been hooked ever since. I almost always use textures in each and everyone of my designs to some extent. They give my art a more natural feel. They are also great for adding detail and realism to illustrations and icons. They help to keep your art from looking flat and lifeless. I recently …

My favorite texture website.

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I will from time to time put some of my most often visited websites. I like to use texture in many of my projects regardless of medium. This can be extrememly expensive when it comes to purchasing images from a stock photography website. Which I am not opposed to, but I am not rolling in money either. So for textures, I use a website called I like for the first reason of the price(free), but I also like …